Advance Care Planning

Your Health Plan is our approach to the Advance Care Planning. Your Health Decision Plan documents your specific wishes about quality of life measures, who you want to be your healthcare representative and specifics about treatment in a detailed Advance Health Care Directive.   Read More

Assessments & Care Planning

Our nurses meet with you to assess your individual needs and preferences.  Based on your needs we develop a care plan that is your roadmap to managing care. Your plan provides strategies and resources to manage your loved one’s health, emotional, financial, and legal needs.  You can implement the plan yourself our use our care managers to implement the plan.   Read More

Health Management & Advocacy

Eldercare Specialists’ geriatric care managers and nurses manage your health issues and act as your health advocate so you stay out of the hospital and have the best medical care when an issue arises.  We provide you with the peace of mind that you have a professional who knows your health status acting as your advocate with health providers and facilities.  Read More

Dementia Care & Education

Our  dementia experts provide dementia education, counseling and care management services to families.   Our experts collaborate with the families, facilities and professionals to mange  the difficult issues of accepting care, challenging behaviors, taking away the car or  moving to the right facility.   Read More

Family Counseling & Support

Family members may need consulting or coaching services to help them adjust to the role   of managing their parent’s care.  . We provide emotional support,  answer questions, and give you the  resources and solutions to help you manage your loved one’s care.      Read More

Solutions to Stay Home

We help you develop and implement a plan to “age at home”.  Our geriatric care care managers assess your home environment and provide you with solutions and resources to remain at home.     Read More

Senior Moves

Our moving specialist assesses your needs to find the right living environment and partner with you to manage the move.  We work with you to develop and implement the moving plan and coordinate the services you will need.  We work with you, the facility, physician and long-term care insurance to ensure the move is safe and goes as planned.   Read More

Medication Optimization

Our pharmacist and nurse assess medications and symptoms and provide recommendations regarding your current medication regimen and non- pharmacologic strategies are provided to manage symptoms, minimize behavioral issues associated with dementia and optimize health.     Read More

Professional Training

Eldercare Specialists professional training programs are focused on teaching healthcare professionals how to improve quality of care and will reduce the day-to-day issues that they face managing dementia or complex medical conditions. Eldercare Specialists is approved to provide continuing education credits to RN’s, LVN’s, CNA’s and HHA’s.     Read More

Mother,daughter and granddaughter

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 Eldercare Specialists 

“Helping Older Adults Manage the Challenges of Aging”

Eldercare Specialists provides caring case management services,  solutions, counseling and consulting to support families and older adults as they age and are faced with health issues, dementia, depression or psychological changes. Our geriatric care managers ensure our clients have the best services and professionals to optimize their health and quality of life at home, in assisted living or skilled nursing.


I became a client of Eldercare Specialists when I learned my mother had severe aortic stenosis and was in need of a value replacement within the next 6 months and she didn’t want surgery. My mother said she was ready to “go.” I wanted to honor her wishes, yet also make sure she was ready. I reached out to Eldercare Specialists for a consultation initially. They were professional, caring, knowledgeable and compassionate. They offered a wide array of services. They met with my mom to assess her readiness and discovered she was largely afraid of the surgery vs. desiring to pass. The geriatric care manager provided healthcare advocacy to secure a second opinion from a highly regarded specialist.  The care managers helped get my mom’s wishes documented and made sure her durable power of attorney for healthcare and other legal documents matched her wishes.  Eldercare Specialists was able identify the best cardiac surgery facility, advised us on skilled nursing and rehabilitation facilities and ultimately on getting cardiac rehab. I’m delighted with the services and to say my mom has received her cardiac rehab “certificate of completion” and she is back to her normal active self. I highly recommend them and would use them again in a heartbeat.   I have been asked “What is a care manager?”.  My response is they are healthcare professionals that provide the support and expertise needed to help manage our parents care.

Carmen A.