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National Organizations

  • Alzheimer’s Association – The Alzheimer’s Association provides information for all forms of dementia (stroke, Parkinson’s, etc.), not just Alzheimer’s.  Toll-free at (800) 272-3900, open 24-hours a day.
  • American Parkinson’s Disease Foundation – This organization focuses on education and support. You can download a booklet on Parkinson’s disease available in several languages. You can also find information and referral centers, as well as support groups and other services available at your local chapter.  Toll-free at (888) 400-2732.
  • Lewy Body Foundation – This organization provides resources for professionals and caregivers on Lewy Body Disease.  LBD Caregiver Link: 800.539.9767

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Your team of geriatric care managers and healthcare advocates helped me respect my mother in law’s wishes to stay home.  I don’t know how we would have done it without you. You were consistently there with helpful suggestions, for doctor visits, and, yes, even for emergencies. You were caring and gentle yet forceful when things needed to be done. We are all grateful for how you worked with her and for your wonderful, and much needed, family support.

Allen K.