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Eldercare Solutions Focused on Health, Dignity & Independence

Eldercare Specialists was built on the fundamental belief that our geriatric care management solutions need to be compassionate, caring, thoughtful, and focused on our client’s needs and personal preferences.

Our geriatric care managers spend time developing a relationship with our client’s and their families so we understand their needs, keep them healthy and out of the hospital.

We Assess Your Needs and Help You Develop a Plan

By meeting with you or your loved one, reviewing  medical records,  talking to physicians, and those involved to ensure the family has an agreed upon plan that addresses health, emotional, financial, social and legal needs.

Assisting the family with implementing the plan to ensure the care and associated costs are managed and monitored.

Coaching  and counseling the family as they adjust to the changes and losses they are facing.

We Navigate the Healthcare Maze for You

Acting as your guide through the healthcare maze, benefits,  facility choices, home care options and service providers.

Collaborating with other professionals to open doors to the best medical specialists and services that you may not have access to or be aware of.

We Act as Your Advocate to Make Sure You Have the Best Care

Collaborating with all involved to ensure they understand your concerns, needs and wishes.

Partnering with all of the physicians and service providers to ensure they are working together and nothing goes untreated.

Researching medical treatment plans and options so you can make good decisions.

Accompanying  you on doctor’s visits and providing your physicians with objective up to date information.

Reviewing your  medications with our pharmacist to ensure your are taking the best medications to manage your symptoms and minimize your side effects.

There is no old age. There is, as there always was, just you. Carol Matthau, O Magazine, October 2003


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“The expertise of your team and personal attention has provided my sister and I with the ability to make thoughtful decisions about our parents. As difficult as this time is in our parent’s lives has become, we know we are providing them with the best possible care.  I can’t imagine navigating through their complicated age related issues without Eldercare Specialists.”

Nancy B. – Managing Mom and Dad’s Care