Solutions to Age at Home

Excellent Care Focuses on Your Needs

Aging in Place Means Being Happy and Safe at Home

A place where emotional, health and and functional needs to be met. Aging in place means aging in where family histories and memories are created. It’s staying in your community and being able to enjoy the daily routines you enjoy.

Our Experts Make Home a Safe Place to Stay

Our geriatric care care management consultants assess your home environment and provide you with solutions and resources to remain at home that include local services, technology or adapting your home to meet your needs. We help you develop, a plan to “age at home”. Our care managers can assist you with coordination and management of home care, medical services at home, technology installations and home modifications to ensure they optimize health, safety and happiness.

Emotional needs are assessed and incorporated in the plan to keep our clients happy in their home doing the things they love. Our care management consultants and activity specialist work with family, friends and the local community organizations to make sure your loved one continues to be independent and enjoys their favorite activities.

 “I think when you invite people to your home, you invite them to yourself” – Oprah Winfrey





“My care managers keep me optimistic about my care and help me to keep going. My daughters are pleased that I have a care manager who knows the ropes and is on my side with all the big and small details of this part of my life.”

Teresa M. – Aging in Place