Placement Services

Successful Moves Begin with Thoughtful Planning 

Identifying Placement Options and Developing a Plan

We assess your needs and guide you through the logistics of the move. Our specialists work with you to discuss options, develop a plan, identify the services you will need and set up timeframes to complete the move. The plan includes how to approach the move, downsize, design, set up and transition to your new home. We work with you, the facility, physician and long-term care insurance to ensure the move is safe and goes as planned.

Designing and Setting Up Your New Home

Our specialists will coordinate the services required and logistics of the move to make sure everyone does the right job at the right moment. We make sure your new home is designed the way you want. If you move to a facility we will partner with their team to develop a plan that ensures a smooth and welcoming transition during and after the move.

 Downsizing and Getting Organized for a Move

Determining what to do with all your possessions and your current home can be overwhelming. We can assist you with developing a plan to downsize and coordinate with moving companies and other professionals to prepare for the move, move  items to different places and sell your current home. Our specialists work with you to develop the floor plan and design your new home so you can plan what to take, what to buy and where to place your belongings before move day.

Moving a Loved One with Memory Loss

Moving from home to a new environment can be very difficult and full of emotion if memory loss is involved. We provide support and counseling on how to approach and manage a move that is difficult due to dementia, resistance to moving or health issues. We work with the family, physician and facility to develop a move plan that is safe and protects the dignity of the older adult being moved.

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“Eldercare Specialists has brought excellent geriatric care management, knowledge and skills to help me manage my parents care. They are genuinely concerned for everyone involved and provide consistent support to all of us. They ensure everyone understands the client’s needs, and they are very useful in helping family members, including the patient, communicate with each other and work through the emotional issues.”

Bob A. – Managing Parents Care Distantly