Diabetes Care & Management

 Manage Your Diabetes at Home

Our goal is to teach and assist you how to manage your diabetes at home to prevent complications and keep you out of the hospital.

Diabetes care begins with a comprehensive assessment of your needs by specially trained and highly skilled professionals. Your nurse will answer your questions and give you and your family a personalized plan of care.

Our Diabetes  and Specialists:

Assess your needs to provide a personalized education and care plan that includes:

  • Nutritional status, current diet and future dietary needs
  • Blood glucose levels and instruction on devices for ongoing monitoring

Educating you, your family or caregivers,  including:

  • Medication management, including how to administer insulin or oral medications.
  • How to identify symptoms early to prevent complications
  • Nutrition and how to develop a diet to manage diabetes and enjoy foods you like

Make home visits and work collaboratively with you physicians.  Our specialists:

  • Monitor your overall health status, blood sugars and symptoms
  • Report changes and issues to your physician so medication adjustments can be made without going to the physician’s office
  • Provide trending analysis of your blood sugars to your physician to optimize treatment
  • Prevent hospitalizations resulting from avoidable complications of the disease
  • Provide remote monitoring if you are identified as high risk for hospitalization
  • Coordinate evaluation by a specialty wound/continence/ostomy nurse if you have complex wounds complicated by diabetes
  • Coordinate diabetic foot care, including complete vascular studies, Doppler assessment of arterial and venous ulcers and corn and callus treatment.
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Lynn Goehner and her team of specialists have provided exceptional guidance, nursing care and compassion for us during the past few years. She is able to see the whole picture and then help us put together the intricate levels of care needed as my husband’s condition changes. She is a great communicator and excellent liaison with physicians and other service providers. Her team is equally skilled at solving problems and providing support. Because of Eldercare Specialists, I am able to provide the highest level of care for my husband at home.

Susan B. – Managing my Husband’s Lewy Body