Dealing with Dementia

Dementia Care Balancing Safety & Independence

Eldercare provides dementia care designed to minimize the losses the older adult faces and  provides support to their family so they can manage the issues associated with these losses.  We focus on sustaining the older adult’s cognitive abilities and minimizing difficult behavioral changes without the use of medications,  when possible.

Our goal is to help prolong your loved one’s independence, safety and happiness.  Our dementia specialists help families develop and implement a care plan that ensures  their loved one has the services and support they need to manage their long-term needs.

We visit your loved one to ensure they are safe, taking their medications and able to manage their daily life.  If there is resistance to care, or your loved one does not recognize the changes in their cognition, we work with you and your loved one to get care in place,  remove the car, move to a facility or deal with other safety issues that exist.

You Can Rely on Our Dementia Experts to Help You:

  • UNDERSTAND the dementia diagnosis and treatment options
  • COORDINATE services to keep your loved one safe at home
  • COLLABORATE with the physicians to manage the medications and symptoms
  • MANAGE personality changes and difficult behaviors
  • ADVOCATE for the best services, health care providers and care
  • MOVE a loved one when staying home is not an option


“The expertise of your team and personal attention has provided my sister and I with the ability to make thoughtful decisions about our parents. As difficult as this time is in our parent’s lives has become, we know we are providing them with the best possible care.  I can’t imagine navigating through their complicated age related issues without Eldercare Specialists.”

Nancy B. – Managing Mom and Dad’s Care