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Eldercare Specialists Information

Eldercare Specialists Information

Eldercare Specialists is a  Geriatric Care Management company that provides care management and consulting services to families and older adults that need help or advice to manage complex health issues, memory loss or cognitive changes that can result in difficult or aggressive dementia behaviors.   Our geriatric care managers also help our client’s  with advance care planning so they can plan for the future health needs, make sure their durable power of attorney or advance care directive meets is up to date and ensure their health and end of life wishes are respected. Our team of professionals include highly trained nurses, gerontologists, social workers, certified care managers, a physical therapist, social workers and a pharmacist.  These professionals are specialized in aging, health management, family counseling and dementia care.

Our Geriatric Care Managers coordinate, oversee and manage care so our clients   receive the best care to age at home comfortably, or manage care and act as their advocate at an assisted living, skilled nursing or hospital facility.   Our goal is to provide care that is  caring, compassionate and respects the lifestyle and preferences of our clients in a manner that promotes their happiness, safety, wellness and independence.

Eldercare Specialists Saves You Time and Money

  • The valuable time of the adult children or loved ones that takes away from work, family or other activities is saved because a professional is managing care
  • Our Geriatric Care Managers  know the resources  and save our clients time and money because they can efficiently navigate the complex healthcare system.
  • Professional health advocacy enables our clients to have the best medical services.  This reduces hospitalizations related to poor care.
  • Advance Care Planning for the future helps avoid crises, which can be costly financially and emotionally.

The Difference Between Eldercare Specialists and Home Care Agencies

Eldercare uses experienced and highly trained healthcare professionals to provide geriatric care management services that help our clients with all aspects of their lives, including medical, social, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Eldercare does not replace the services of home health agencies, assisted living, skilled nursing facilities, or other care providers.  Our role is to  ensure all of the involved parties, including home care agencies are working together for the benefit of our clients.

We proactively act as your advocate and healthcare professional to help identify what is needed, find the best resources to meet those needs and ensure services are provided as promised.  We are not bound to any agency, healthcare provider or facility. This provides us with a larger pool of resources, agencies and caregivers to choose from,  and the ability to make changes as needed to ensure our clients have the best care at home.

Service Territory

Eldercare Specialists provides services in San Francisco, Marin, Sonoma,  Contra Costa,  and Alameda Counties.  We know these communities and the local services available that are often unknown to the consumer. We know the community reputations of the resources and keep up to date on the status of the services available.

Eldercare Specialists collaborates extensively with the broader professional community including, community based programs, physicians, trust officers, financial advisors, attorneys and CPA’s.

Services Provided by Eldercare Specialists

Care Planning and Family Support Services

  • Assessment of health, psychological, cognitive, emotional, personal care, home safety, financial, legal and social needs
  • Short and long-term care plans with solutions to optimize independence, quality of life, health and safety
  • Advance care planning to make sure personal wishes regarding treatment are legally documented and respected
  • Counseling support and education for the family to deal with the health or memory loss changes their loved one is facing 
  • Mediation services to help manage family dynamics impacting the care of the loved one

Geriatric Care  Management and Healthcare Advocacy 

  • Professional research of your health issues so you can make educated decisions about treatment  
  • Health management and monitoring at home to keep you out of the hospital
  • Advocacy with physicians, medical professionals and facilities to ensure they a clear understanding of your medical needs
  • Advocacy during hospitalizations and management of  your discharge to prevent re-hospitalization and optimize recovery
  • Medication review by Clinical Pharmacist to minimize side effects and to optimize your medications’ therapeutic benefits
  • Expertise to help you understand your medical diagnoses and make educated decisions on treatment
  • Coordination of community services (medical, home care, insurance, financial and legal services)
  • Advocacy for insurance and public benefits

Dementia Care, Counseling and Education

  • Care management, education and support to help families manage challenging behaviors due to memory loss or dementia
  • Management and coordination of moving a loved one with dementia
  • Advocacy and assistance with facilities when challenging behaviors are an issue

Aging at Home Solutions 

  • Assessment your home environment and provide you with solutions and resources to remain at home 
  • Solutions to create a safe home environment that promotes health and independence
  • Coordination and management of care and services in the home
  • Management of complex or chronic health issues at home to keep you out of the hospital

Placement and Senior Move Services

  • Placement services that find the best living environments for our clients  to thrive medically and emotionally
  • Planning and organizing the move  to help clients decide how to approach the move, downsize, and manage the transition 
  • Managing the logistics of a move to a new living environment and the emotional issues involved with this change

Highly Experienced Healthcare Professionals

Eldercare Specialists provides a unique combination of services to meet the needs of families.  You benefit from our expertise, customer service and attention to resolve your concerns.  We provide:

  • Professionals that are experts in healthcare, nursing, social work, gerontology, care management, nutrition, and home care.
  •  Extensive experience and knowledge of the local resources, facilities and benefits available
  • Professionals that work collaboratively with the Alzheimer’s Association and UCSF Memory Clinic
  • Experts in dementia care, dementia education and counseling
  • Specialized nurses and healthcare professionals with expertise in psychiatry, hospice, cardiology, skilled nursing, neurology and critical care
  • Extensive knowledge and expertise in working with the local hospitals, physicians, and specialized medical professionals.

Payment for services

Our fee is billed per hour, portal to portal, in 6-minute increments. We make every effort to keep our fees as cost effective as possible.

Eldercare will work with you to determine a course of action. We make recommendations based on your needs and can work with you to set a budget.

Unfortunately, our services are not covered by medical insurance.  However some services may be covered under a long-term care insurance policy or Employee Assistance Program.

Contact Us: (415) 259-4864          Fax: (415) 373-3613

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