How Eldercare Specialists Can Help

Helping Older Adults and their Families Manage the Challenges of Aging

Eldercare Specialists provides geriatric care management, healthcare advocacy services, health management, consulting and counseling services  to help older adults and the families manage complex health or memory issues.   As a geriatric care management company we can provide the support and expertise to manage the current situation, as well as, anticipate and develop a plan to manage  future health, emotional, legal, and financial needs.  We provide objective insight and expertise to help the you make the best decisions and manage your loved one’s care.

Do you need help?

  • Figuring out what steps need to be taken to manage the current situation
  • Convincing a loved one to accept help or move to a safer environment
  • Managing care because the family is overwhelmed or lives distantly
  • Understanding a difficult diagnosis and treatment options
  • Finding the best medical professionals and services
  • Advocating  with the hospital or physicians
  • Managing and understanding memory loss issues or behavioral changes
  • Arranging and managing care at home
  • Finding the right place to live if home is not an option
  • Managing multiple medications and their side effects
  • Convincing a loved one not to drive or taking the car away

“Aging is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength.”- Betty Friedan

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“Lynn Goehner and her caring team of geriatric case managers made it so  I can be as independent as possible and age at home.  They set up home care and helped me hire private caregivers.  I have always been very independent and did not feel I needed a geriatric care manager or Eldercare Specialists’ help, but my family persisted.  Lynn started, my diabetes and high blood pressure were causing me a lot of problems and instead of taking away my independence my health improved and they advocated for my independence.  Her team of geriatric care managers advocated with the doctors and provided blood pressure and diabetes care management. By collaborating with my doctors, she was able to help get me on the right medications and get healthy again. Eldercare Specialists has helped me stay healthy, social and active. This year I turned 100, and I couldn’t have done it without Lynn and the Eldercare Specialists team.”

Tom N.