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Frequently Asked Questions

How will you get my parent to accept help? 

Many people find it difficult to accept care. We are very successful helping clients accept assistance when they have been resistant previously.  In fact, helping to overcome an older person’s resistance is what our care managers do best. They use their professional experience with the full involvement of the family to gain your loved one’s trust and acceptance.

We  start slowly with individuals that are resistant to care to build trust and understand their needs and what is important to them.  Once trust is established we find that the client is relieved to have us involved once.   (For more details click here to  read the article – Overcoming Our Parents Resistance to Care )

Once the older adult accepts our care manager we help the family get back the relationships they have had prior to the older adults change in health or cognition.  Caregiving by the family members can be very difficult for the family caregiver, as well as, receiving care can be for the parent.  It is not fun to always be seen as a patient because you have an illness or memory loss. It is nice to be treated as an individual, and someone provides you support and help with your issues.

My parent needs help, where do we start?

Eldercare Specialists recommends that all families start with a geriatric care management assessment.  The emotions of trying to manage a family members care sometimes cause families to “over care,” “under care,” or not recognize the need for care. It’s important to have an experienced and trained healthcare professional identify your loved one’s care needs and assist the family with developing a plan of care so that emotional needs, denial, or even love don’t interfere in the process.  A professional geriatric care manager serves as an objective professional, knows the resources and will develop a plan with everyone involved.

Our team of care managers recommendations about the services and care your parent needs. We  base our recommendations on a comprehensive, in-home assessment of the living situation, functional, medical and emotional status, consultations with her doctors, as well as relevant financial and legal factors.

Can you help me find community services that will help my parent with their isolation?

Yes, we are very familiar with the public, non-profit and private programs in the community and are also skilled at locating and evaluating community resources. Once we assess your mother or father’s situation, we can determine which programs might be most helpful and assist with the application for and integration of such programs.

My parent lives alone. I worry whether if they are eating well, going to the doctors and living safely. Can you “check-up” on them?

Our professionals will give you peace of mind by making regular telephone calls and home visits to check whether your parent is eating nutritious meals and taking medications as prescribed. We can even help fill her prescriptions and purchase groceries. We will also conduct a home safety evaluation and help you and your parent formulate an emergency response plan. Our professionals can accompany your parent to the doctor, report on significant concerns between visits and advocate for good care. We will relieve your worry by providing you with regular updates about how your parent is managing. If we detect a problem or if our nurse has questions about your mother’s physical status or medication, we will consult her physician and contact you.

Our parent is not safe at home and needs to move, how can you help? 

This is one of the toughest decisions for you and your family to make and it’s overwhelming to even know where to start. Eldercare specialists helps you to assess the options and determine the right type of care facility. There are many different levels of care offered in retirement communities today and many more options than ever before. The state of California offers different types of licenses which allow assisted living facilities to provide varying services, and the individual facilities may also limit what services the provide.

You benefit from our expertise in carefully assessing your needs and knowing the facilities that can provide for them. We also review key aspects such as activities, personal preferences, location that are important to you and help your prioritize. Finances, costs and understanding contracts and expectations play into our discussions so you are fully informed. Not only do we help with all of this, but we can be there for you through the whole process.

Care management consultants can coordinate a move including setting up movers, estate sales and real estate professionals, canceling utilities, changing addresses, and introducing the client to the new environment and smoothing the transition. Care management consultants think of all the little details—we have helped clients send a note to their friends and family announcing their move and even planned an “open house” for a client to show pride in her new surroundings and make her friends feel comfortable visiting.

How Can You Help Me with Home Care?

Many people wish to stay in their own homes as they age. We can help you do so, bringing in the right care to assist you when needed. We act as your independent advocate to find the best care for you in any situation. We can help you by:

  • ASSESSING YOUR NEEDS  and figuring out how much and what type of help is needed
  • EXPLAINING THE COSTS of services, helping with insurance filing, and locating programs to help
  • KNOWING WHO PROVIDES THE BEST CARE,  locating the best fit for you, finding unique solutions
  • ARRANGING SERVICES, identifying and overseeing personal and medical care at home.
  • TRAINING caregivers to a client’s specific needs and wants
  • MONITORING care to ensure the best service
  • TROUBLESHOOTING when issues arise