Eldercare Specialists – Values

Eldercare Specialists – Vision

Eldercare Specialists’ geriatric care managers provide health management, health advocacy, dementia care and case management services that protect and respect  our clients’ health, dignity, wishes and independence.  Our geriatric care management services are provided in collaboration with our clients, their family and all of the  professionals involved to ensure health and personal care is managed and coordinated,  information is provided to make the right decisions and the best resources are provided to optimize our clients’ health and well-being.

Eldercare Specialist –  Values

Our Care Managers Act With The Highest Level of Professional Ethics

Eldercare Specialists’ care managers and team members act with ethics, honesty and integrity in all business transactions to ensure the client’s needs are met. Work with clients and professionals that share our values and ethics.

Our Care Managers Collaboratively Manage Care

Eldercare Specialists’ team members work collaboratively with all interested parties and professionals to optimize communication and ensure all care is focused on the elder’s needs and preferences.

Eldercare Specialists Embraces Diversity and Respects Personal Preferences

Embrace and understand the individual needs of all our client’s and everyone we work with.

Eldercare Specialists Services Provide Peace of Mind

Our case management, consulting and planning services focus on reducing stress  and anxiety for family members by minimizing the time loved ones have to spend on managing and coordinating care.

Eldercare Specialists and Our Care Managers Continuously Improve Our Professional Expertise

Eldercare Specialists focuses on continuously updating and improving our team’s professional skills and services to provide excellent and comprehensive case management services.

Eldercare Specialists’ Services Enhance Quality of Life

All services provided by Eldercare Specialists focus on maintaining our clients’ lifestyle and respecting our clients’ wishes. Our personalized solutions are about maintaining a sense of purpose and optimizing quality of life.

Care Managers Partner with Clients to Manage Costs

Eldercare Specialists works with the client and their family to protect family assets and advocate for entitled insurance, VA, Medicare and Medical benefits.

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About Us


“The expertise of your team and personal attention has provided my sister and I with the ability to make thoughtful decisions about our parents. As difficult as this time is in our parent’s lives has become, we know we are providing them with the best possible care.  I can’t imagine navigating through their complicated age related issues without Eldercare Specialists.”

Nancy B. – Managing Mom and Dad’s Care